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Blue White Black & Yellow is the latest release out of BIG AS LIFE Recording Studio.Located in Elizabeth New Jersey,Big As Life Recording Studio is the brain child of Christopher Neil and is ready to take on the biggest in the industry. Blue White Black & Yellow is a SCORCHER, bringing maximum heat to the airwaves for 2010 carnival season.

Big As Life Production brings out the best in an already master performer. Emrand Henry delivered the track at maximun torque!!!! “It will be difficult for any reveler to remain stationary while the song is playing.So bring out your flags because Emrand Henry and BIG AS LIFE will help you show your pride!!!

Blue White Black And Yellow –  Written and Performed By Emrand Henry.
Arranged,Produced,Compossed and Engineered by Christopher Neil
Recorded at – BIG AS LIFE RECORDING STUDIO , Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA
Available at –  or